Essay on Cannibalization and Its Effects

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Shopping malls are the places where consumer can purchase products even it is planned or unplanned purchase. These stores trade thousands of commodities daily and customers are consuming these commodities at the cost of their revenue. It only dependents on the profits or income of the person, that to what extant and how many times he or she stopover for shopping with stores to purchase products. It is generally seen that punchers buy products which they have not planned and this phenomena of unplanned purchasing is known as impulse buying.

Impulsive purchasing, usually explained as a consumer unplanned purchase which is an significant element of buyer behavior. It accounts for as much as sixty
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This practice has led to increased work for the marketers as they will be going for more customized form of advertising which is suitable to a specific. The result is more work for the marketers to understand the store environment and the styles of consumer decision making. Unless and until they try to realize the importance of this new media, the in-store advertising, they will be victim of the growing store owned brands. In the context of the Pakistani stores we see a highly diversified market, but it is developing at a rapid pace. Foreign companies are steadily entering into the area which is creating a highly competing market. The region of Peshawar as it is the focal location of the study also saw a rapid development in the stores and especially super stores in the recent past.

Peshawar presents a new scene with the opening of these super stores. It is now binding on the existing super stores to adjust their marketing program. It creates a need for the marketing literature in terms of the store decision making and the store stimulus adjustment according to the customer. The store managers will now be looking to find better ways to attract and retain customer. The newest trend in the stores is inclined towards specialty goods. Most of the stores that are opened or expanded in size give greater importance to specialty goods because of certain reasons and of them is

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