Cannibalism And Its Effects On Society Essay examples

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Cannibalism is a topic that evokes both disgust and wonder; while the mere idea of eating human flesh is one that makes a person’s stomach twist and turn, it is also one that brings forth the question of how far humans are willing to go in order to survive - or how twisted they can sometimes become with their desires. The question that is always raised when speaking out about the topic of cannibalism is whether or not it is acceptable in our culture, despite the backlash behind it. Before one can truly discuss this topic, however, they must realize what exactly cannibalism is.
Cannibalism is defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “the (usually) ritualistic eating of human flesh by (another) human being.” One must recognize the emotions that possibly drive a person into committing something considered atrocious in our society. Whether it is the will to survive or the animalistic need for food, both of these are reasons that can drive a person into committing something that is seen as a terrible sin. Yet is this really the case? When it comes down to the basic traits of humans, the most important and strongest of them all is the will to survive despite the odds. Humanity has seen this plenty in times of disaster; take the 1972 Andes flight disaster, an event where survivors of a plane crash resorted to eating the dead bodies of the fellow passengers. However, cannibalism is not a relatively new event; there are far older records of cannibalism taking place. Cannibalism…

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