Cannabis In Africa Essay

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Register to read the introduction… With the rising power of Islam, marijuana flourished…”(Mel Frank and Ed Rosenthal) The marijuana plant did not originally grow in the continent of Africa. It was originally introduced in Egypt by the influence of Islamic traders from Persia and Arabia. As a result, cannabis became very popular all over Africa. “The cultural use of cannabis is widespread throughout Africa. While the plant is not indigenous to Africa, several traditions of religious, medical and recreational cannabis smoking have developed since its introduction to Africa over six centuries ago.”(Leah Spicer) The Africans smoked the fruit of cannabis to reach a higher level of consciousness just as the Indians did for their Hindu God. The Islamic religion played a major role in the spread of marijuana use throughout Africa. Even though the religion of Islam influenced cannabis, it is believed that marijuana was used well before Islam migrated to Africa. “Islam had a strong influence on the use of marijuana in Africa. However, its use is so ingrained in some ancient cultures of the Zambezi Valley that its appearance clearly predated Islam.”(Mel Frank and Ed Rosenthal) Some African warriors such as the Zulu fighters would smoke cannabis before battle to calm their nerves. Some even claimed that the cannabis would make them feel invincible to an enemy. From Africa, marijuana spread to Brazil in South America through the transportation of African …show more content…
While safer more useful marijuana remains illegal. So if marijuana is so much safer than alcohol, then why is marijuana outlawed and alcohol legalized? It seems paradoxical in a sense. This raises the suspicion that the American government might be more concerned with filling their pockets than protecting its citizens. This is evident in the history of American during the prohibition era. The U.S. government initially illegalized alcohol because they it found to be harmful to one’s health. But when the government realized how much money they were losing they briefly ended prohibition. They also learned that cutting the supply of a drug does not lower the demand of it. In most cases it actually raises the demand. The old saying goes, “if people want something, they will always find a way to obtain it”. So if the government learned from alcohol why haven’t they ended marijuana prohibition? My personal theory is since marijuana is easily cultivated and harvested, when compared to the process of distilling alcohol, it would be very difficult for the government to control and tax it if it was legal. This is simply because people would end up growing their own free cannabis rather than purchasing taxed cannabis through the government. Personally, I do not believe that this should be a valid reason to make it illegal. The American government knew that the public would need a good reason to be convinced that marijuana should be illegal. They accomplished this task by demonizing marijuana with the help of the media. A common tactic that is used today. The biggest media outlet during this time was the newspaper industry which at the time was competing against

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