Cango Essay

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Senior Project

BUSN 460-Professor T. Wischer

DeVry University

November 21, 2013

6 Issues facing CanGo from week 3and week4
Maurine Edwards
Market Research
Flow Charts/Data
Brent Tucker
Caromill Almanzar
Website/User Friendly

3 Issues facing CanGo from week 3

Jack’s justification for the new system (ASRS) - Caromill Almanzar
Jack feels that the company should go under a new system to increase efficiency for their warehouse and inventor. Liz is concerned that the investment for the (ASRS) may not yield the necessary return to justify the investment.
Jack’s argument is, the (ASRS) will help tremendously with the pickup station operators, to an extent that the station will be gone.
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Leadership- Brent

Liz has ambition, she had a great idea, and she assembled a team to bring her concept to life that was the first step in creating her successful business. As her business grew so did the responsibilities. Liz has good Interpersonal skills, she is comfortable relating to other people; they easily create rapport and are at least more extroverted than they are introverted. These qualities show that Liz is approachable, likeable, and comfortable in her position. Currently, Liz leadership style is too relaxed she trusts the management team that she started with, rather than being proactive about the business Liz goes along with her team’s decision. The lack of leadership from the top is causing multiple issues; the executive staff doesn’t provide their employees with clear objectives to achieve peak performance. Also, they don’t take important factors such as employee training and their capabilities into their decision. Another area of leadership we feel requires strengthening is lack of control. The decision making process is not communicated to the employees properly, thus the employees do not have proper

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