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Running Head: Individual Analysis Report

Week 4 Analysis Report
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After reviewing the material one can see that CanGo is ready to move forward with upgrades technology. CanGo is looking to expand, but is still unsure of which way to go. Jack met with Warren and Debbie in which, he shared with them the ideas of an Automated Retrieval/Storage System (AS/RS). Jake explains to them that process flow charts give them the data to review. He states that they need to simplify, eliminate, automate, and integrate. Jack shares with Debbie and Warren the information about bar-coding and how it would benefit the company. He explains the vertical material movement and how it benefits a distribution facility
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This information came from the Vals2 report. Andrew had them break it into categories for review. Gail says that they are losing the customer between the evaluation and the purchase. Andrew wants to know where they are losing them to whether the other sites or no purchase. He also mentioned that it was the more expensive items that sat in the cart for the most part. Since he had other questions he asked that the Vals2 research a certain type of customer that they would normally purchase from their site. Andrew is planning a strategy that focuses a bit like peer pressure. Realizing who your target consumer is and keeping them is all part of a marketing strategy. Warren is pleasantly surprised by sudden increase in shipping of merchandise to Japan. He sees Andrew who is on a lunch break and questions whether Andrew had some sort of campaign that was attracting the influx of shipping traffic. He assured Warren he had no part nor would he actually know how to attract such an influx in shipping traffic to Japan. He did say he would research the information and get back with him regarding the sudden increase.

SWOT Analysis A. Strengths a. Cango is a business that has great growth potential b. Adding an ASRS would help to increase sales and shipments c. Sudden increase in shipping to Japan B. Weaknesses a. They have employees who are still not fully focused on their

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