Candide Or Optimism, By Voltaire Sarcastically Essay

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In the novel Candide or Optimism, Voltaire sarcastically ridicules life and love, but while he criticizes the religious and philosophical leaders of his time, the Frenchman overemphasizes and makes fun of the idea of romance. Through the characters Candide and the breathtaking Miss Cunogonde, he gives very different outlooks on the concept of intimacy and admiration. In the dramatic quest to marry the irresistible Miss Cunogonde, Voltaire effortlessly uses satire and various characters to display the diverse concept of romantic love.
Through the use of dramatic stereotyping between the initial encounter between Miss Cunogonde and Candide, Voltaire starts the development of Candide’s naïve view of love. In the first chapter, they are both the young teens that are fond of one other but are too bashful to acknowledge their attraction for one another, which is a typical parody that has been seen time and time again in most storylines. Similar to a typical storybook tale, Miss Cunogonde is considered as the object of affection of all men, but is off limits and forbidden by her protective royal father, caged by the palace walls. Voltaire adds to the stereotyping of the royal heiress because he only emphasizes her physical appearance and none of her intellectual abilities through several lines of descriptive imagery depicting her as “a ruddy-cheeked girl, fresh, plump and desirable”(Voltaire 355). This statement could lead readers to believe that the daughter of the Baron is…

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