Cancer Tumor Cell Therapy : Virus Versus Virus Essay

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Cancer Tumor Cell Therapy: Virus Versus Virus In a recent article published by Reuters, a group of researchers claims to have been able to genetically modify the mostly known cold-causing, adenovirus to attack cancer tumor cells, which is not new to the lot of cancer treatment as the US Food and Drug Association earlier approved the use of herpes virus to attack skin cancer cells. This kind of cancer cell therapy is not as impossible as it was curiously examined by scientists before since the genetic engineers, with the use of advances in gene modification, have developed progressive ways of manipulating certain viruses to attack tumor cells. The head of the development of viruses modified to attack malignant and connective tissue tumor cells, Dr. Osvaldo Podhjacer, claims that the virus attacks the tumor cells by latching onto cancer tumor cells killing the cell and exploding onto the surrounding area of the tumor mass introducing the other cancer cells to the modified virus and killing these tumor cells through lysis, the death of a cells by breaking down. Although this treatment is also a sort of immunotherapy by stimulating the immune system through the introduction of the virus, same reason is also a foreseeable disadvantage seen by University of Warwick professor and cancer specialist Lawrence Young as the introduction of virus cells may also affect the misbehavior of other surrounding cells around the cancer tumor mass that are also modified with the virus-modified…

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