Essay on Cancer Treatment : Is It Worth It?

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Cancer Treatment: Is It Worth It? Cancer patients often wonder if going through treatments like chemotherapy and radiation are worth the risk of the side effects, in addition to the cancer side effects. They feel that they can’t enjoy or relax in what a short amount of time they have left because they are bedridden from the nausea and pain that treatments put them through. Patients tell their loved ones to just let them die so long as they don’t have to go through any more pain. Those who are too old, are unable to recover from the effects, or are just too far in the grips of cancer, should refuse the more harsh treatments like chemo and radiation. On the positive side, refusing treatments after a certain point can save their families from the stress and cost of hospital bills. If caught early enough, patients can opt for safer and easier routes to getting rid of cancer like surgery or by doing a stem cell transplant. Cancer gets its name because of the finger-like projections spreading from its center mass make it look like a crab, and the Greek work for crab is cancer, and oncos is the Greek work for “swelling” which is now used as the name for the study of cancer- oncology. Hippocrates coined carcinos as the name for malignant tumors. He later added the suffix-oma, which is also Greek for “swelling’’, giving it the name carcinoma. The earliest reference to cancer was discovered in Egypt and dates back to before 3000 B.C. in an excerpt from an ancient Egyptian textbook…

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