Cancer Is The Number Two Killer After Heart Disease Essay

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“Cancer is the number two killer after heart disease. Within about four years it will be number one, killing upward of 730,000 Americans annually, according to the National Cancer Institute (Wilson)”. There are been many improvements in the past couple decades that may be a key to curing cancer. Many advances in the medical field involve new ways to treat cancer including: surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, gene therapy, immunotherapy, music therapy, proton therapy, and virotherapy. The common way in which doctors have been treating cancer is by simply cutting out. Sometimes, cancer can be cured just by performing surgery to rid the body of the cancerous material. Surgery became a cancer treatment option at the end of the last century (Bazell). Conducting surgery along with other forms of treatment have prolonged and even saved thousands of lives for hundreds of years after the origination of anesthesia and sterile mechanisms (Bazell). When surgery is not enough, many times doctors will prescribe other forms of medical care, such as radiation therapy. Shortly after the discovery of surgery, radiation came into effect in cancer therapy. Radiation came into play the beginning of the new century (Bazell). There are many times in which surgery and radiation work hand-in-hand (Bazell). When both of these fail to work, doctors resort to chemotherapy. Many times when surgery and radiation fail to work for patients, they undergo chemotherapy (Bazell). Chemotherapy…

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