Cancer Is The Leading Cause Of Disease Worldwide Essay

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Cancer is a disease that have been infecting people for centuries. It is also the leading cause of disease worldwide. According to the cancer research group in the uk, in the year 2012 there was an estimate of 14.1 million new cases of cancer. This was split 53% in males and 47% in females. Several cancer types exists and I will be focusing on breast cancer. In the years 2013 the American Cancer Society stated that there was 64,640 new in Situ cases and 232,340 new invasive cases. In situ cancer is simply means that the cancer growth is confined to the location where it started. This means it has not spread and is far easier to treat. Invasive forms of cancer means that it has grown and is surrounding healthy tissue. This is the most common form and is sadly more difficult to treat. From these numbers there was a death toll of around 39,620. While these numbers may not seem good at first they have improved greatly compared to the past. This is due to innovations in technology and from the hard work of researchers across the world. Lipid-based nano-carriers are being use more and more and is great method of drug delivery for cancer patients. The question now is, how does the use of lipid-based Nano-carriers affect tumors in breast cancer patients.
Liposomes have been studied since the 1960’s. Liposomes are made up from lipids which are created from phospholipids that is the building blocks to create cellular membranes. They have played an important role in the…

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