Cancer Informative Essay

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Many people today have a disease called Cancer, it depends when the doctors find it, it could be big or it could be small. Doctor’s now have the equipment to surgically remove cancer. Sometime’s doctors have to shrink the tumor depending how big it is in order to remove it. Kids can get it easily get cancer there are kids all over the world are getting sick with cancer. I picked this disease because it isn’t something fun to have. Cancer is when cells divide without control and invade other tissues. They spread to other parts in your body. Cancer isn’t just one disease but many. Some of the symptoms are bumps, unexplained fevers, night sweats, and weight loss. Sometimes they may not occur other times they will. There is more than 100 types …show more content…
Some people do Radiotherapy: cancer treatment with radiotherapy including external radiotherapy, internal radiotherapy, side effects, radiotherapy for symptoms, and follow up after treatment. Chemotherapy. Hormone therapy: hormone therapy for cancer is the use of medicines to block the effects of hormones. It does not work for all types of cancer. Doctors use hormone therapy for people with cancers that are hormone sensitive or hormone dependent. Biological therapy: They may, stop cancer cells from dividing and growing, seek out cancer cells and kill them, encourage the immune system to attack cancer cells. Bisphosphonates: doesn’t cause too many side effects, If you have side effects they tend to be mild, Everyone reacts differently to drugs and you may have one or more of the side effects. Bone marrow or stem cell transplants: are used to treat some types of leukemia or lymphoma, and myeloma. They are sometimes called bone marrow rescue or stem cell rescue or intensive treatments. Many people believe that getting cancer is purely down to genes. Through scientific research, the risk actually depends on a combination of genes, environment and aspects of lives, many of which can be control. Cancer is caused by damage to our DNA, the chemical instructions that tell our cells what to do. Things in our environment, such as UV rays, or our lifestyle, such as the cancer-causing chemicals in tobacco, can damage our DNA. This damage builds

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