Cancer Causing Agents Released From Plastic Essay

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Morgan Jolliff
Claire Schmidt
September 10, 2014
Cancer-Causing Agents Released from Plastic
In 2002, a rumor began circulating around the United States. This rumor stated that “microwaving food in plastic containers released cancer causing agents.” ( As the heating in plastic rumor was circulating another rumor about freezing water in plastic water bottles began. The reports claimed the dioxins were released in the heating and freezing of plastic containers. Depending on the type of container and exactly what it is made for, determines if it is 100% safe to microwave or freeze food in it which in most cases, it is safe.
This rumor was created by an e-mail hoax that was passed along all over the nation beginning in 2002. If this rumor was true you more than likely would of heard about in a different way than it was first delivered. The first time it was released on a Hawaiian television show by an alleged anonymous writer and then it was created into a chain e-mail and sent out all over the nation causing questions to many people whether it was true or not. Many people questioned it because it was labeled as an important health information article. They also believed it because it came from a doctor that was on the television and they thought if it made the news then it must of been true. Even though the doctor was not a leading physician. Most products contain the words “microwave safe” due to the company meeting the Food & Drug Administrations…

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