Cancer, By And Co Created The Show With His Brother Shawn Handlon And John Edwartowski

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Cancer Musical Tom Donnellon, a Michigan surgeon and cancer survivor, wrote and co-created the show with his brother Shawn Handlon and John Edwartowski. Cancer it 's a dreadful, incurable, terminal disease that reduces everyone it touches to untold depths of helplessness and pain. It 's part of life, which is inherently funny; thus, by the transitive property, cancer must be funny too, about which we must laugh or else we 'd cry, and that is what the play transmitted to the audience. The story is based on a researcher who uses rats as a experiment and thinks he has found the cure for cancer, a rival pharmaceutical who wants to steel it and a surgeon/doctor who falls in love with a patient who dies from cancer. I watched this play last week and was captivated by the many different features that helped me distinguish what was going on. The use of costumes, sounds (drums, piano, choir, shotgun), lighting, rats, made every single part of the play understandable. The performance space was a Black Box with no fixed seating. There was only one stage, and it was changed from a doctor room, to surgery room, to laboratory lab, and to a hiding place, therefore the audience had it simple and forward. The actors were capable on doing two scenes on the same stage. Example, half of the theater was when Annie was at the doctor and the other half was when Dr. Bernard was at the laboratory. They were very organized and I was able to capture all of their details without getting…

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