Cancer : A Very Difficult Disease Essay

817 Words Nov 12th, 2014 4 Pages
Cancer is a very difficult disease to overcome. In layman’s terms cancer is a group of defective cells that have come together within the human body to form a mass. These cells tend to divided very rapidly; this is why cancer is such a harsh disease. Cancer is a hit or miss type of disease. With cancer the patient could be very exhausted from treatment. On the other hand the patient could be perfectly fine and unaffected by the tumor formed. Cancer does take a great toll on the body if one is affected. This is why over $4.9 billion is spent on cancer research within a year (Cancer Research Funding). After heart disease, Cancer is the second leading cause of death with around 576,691 deaths per year (Leading Causes of Death). Although many people believe there is no cure for cancer, scientist may have found a few. These “cures” range from the typical chemo to genetically modified cells. For many years chemotherapy has been the typical treatment for cancer. Chemotherapy means chemical treatment. The chemicals target the cancerous cells and kill them off. Of course there are many options to receive chemotherapy. It can be taken orally, topically, an injection or intravenously. The most efficient way to receive chemo is intravenously. Although chemo is really effective, it has not been found to affect all cancer types. The way chemo is made is to target cells, some cancers are spread throughout the body; which makes it very difficult to target. Chemotherapy also plays a part…

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