Canary Trap : Giving Different Versions Of Sensitive Information

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4. Canaries
Canary trap: Giving different versions of sensitive information to each suspected leaker and seeing which version gets leaked

Getting ready for the picnic was a horrible experience. It was cold and I had nothing to wear since all Eliza and I had bought were summer clothes. Blake called her and told her to come over.
When she showed up, she had bags of clothes in her hands. "Alright, these should fit you. They 're mine, but you seem pretty small, so let 's try it out."
She ended up picking out a sweater dress for me to wear and I kind of liked it. It made me look slightly pregnant, but it was warm.
Blake walked in and Eliza smiled. "What do you think?"
He shook his head. "It 's cute, but I think he 'll get cold. His legs are bare."
Eliza nodded. "They are so bare. Did you wax or shave them? They look great."
"Eliza, that 's not what I meant. At least give him that beanie you bought last year. The one with the pom poms" he said, rolling his eyes.
She went through her bags and pulled out a grey beanie, handing it to me, to place over my wig.
I smiled and Blake chuckled. "You look cute, baby doll."
"How am I still single? You 're an absolute dork and you managed to get a boyfriend" Eliza said, looking at Blake.
"We 're throwing a fake wedding. Do you want to come wedding dress shopping with us?" I asked her, changing the subject.
Her face lit up. "It would be an absolute honour if you let me come shopping with you."
"Stop being so dramatic" Blake said,…

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