Essay on Canadian Women 's Suffrage Of Canada

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Canadian women were first given the right to vote in the year 1916. This achievement was limited to only the females of the province of Manitoba. Although the right for a woman to vote was limited to Manitoba, the suffragettes had achieved something that few females had achieved before. The achievement of these Manitoba women casting down the social norm of only men having the right to vote was just the beginning of this social movement. Two years later in 1918, the Federal authorities granted women the franchise of the right to vote (Historica Canada, Para. 1). The last of the women of Canada to achieve their rights were the women of Quebec and the indigenous women of Canada. The women of Quebec achieved their provincial rights in the year of 1940, whereas the indigenous women of Canada finally achieved their rights in the year 1960 (Historica Canada, Para. 1). Now being the 21 century, women have made big strides towards gaining true equality in the name of being a true Canadian citizenship. A greater amount of education, jobs, wages and opportunities have become available to the women of Canada. The purpose of this essay is not go into the depths of the social impacts in regards to the greater amount of rights given to the women of Canada but instead discuss the inequality of wages. Although it is the 21 century and women have gained the rights to vote, women are still faced with inequalities in regards to wages and other aspects of life. To better understand these…

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