Essay about Canadian War : The Second World War

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The Second World War started in 1939, with Britain and France declaring war on Germany. This war drew in most of the countries in the world, with over 60 million deaths in total. It has now been more than 70 years since the war started, and the spotlight is on the countries that had the largest armies, navies and air forces, but the great impact that Canadian soldiers had on the war should not be lost. Many people have dismissed Canada as a peaceful, non-militaristic country, but saying that Canada played an insignificant part in the Second World War is simply inaccurate: manpower does not equal effectiveness. The actions taken and victories gained by the Canadian Forces in the Second World War have had large and visible impacts on the final outcome of the war, allowing the defeat of Nazi Germany.
Apart from supporting roles such as the Navy and Air Force, the Canadian land forces proved their effectiveness by achieving strategic victories in many instrumental battles and operations in the Western Front. The Normandy campaign is a good example, where some 14,400 Canadian troops and 450 Paratroopers began an amphibious assault at Juno Beach, engaged the German army and secured multiple shoreline positions, eventually leading to a Allied push and a German retreat ( Another example is the Italian Campaign, where Canadian forces took cities such as Reggio, Campobasso, Vinchiaturo along with the I Canadian Corps which broke the Hitler Line, a defensive German line…

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