Canadian Navy During The Second World War Essay

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“Our veterans – ordinary Canadians who accomplished extraordinary things – represent the best of Canada, the freedoms that Canadians enjoy today are because of them, and Canadians owe it to them to remember.” Said Minister of Veteran Affairs Greg Thompson on the 65th anniversary of D-day landing. Canadian soldiers fought for freedom in the Second World War and selflessly support for the allies. The contributions that Canada has made in this were essential, and the most significant support was the war at sea. At the beginning of World War Two, Germany has captured most of Europe and the Allies wouldn’t get any supplies directly anymore. The war depended on the supplies so this was when the Atlantic Ocean became the most important pathway to transport from North America to Europe. The Germans wouldn’t leave the area ignored, so this when Sea War started. The war at sea was between the Allied convoy fleet – formed by Royal Navy and Royal Canadian Navy, and German Submarines. The contributions of the Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War evidently proved it was an effective warrior through its successful tactics, weapons and efforts to help the Allies win the war.
The Second World War was a typical war of attrition so this made one of the most popular tactics in sea war - convoy system really important. In the year 1941, a newspaper gave out an important status that "Canadian war ships escorted 25343 merchant ships carrying 181,643,180 tons of cargo from North…

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