Essay about Canadian Law : An Introduction Sixth Edition

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FIn his book “ Canadian Law: An Introduction Sixth Edition”, Neil Boyd truly says, Law is a crucial force. He further clarifies that it is the skeletal system that structures our economic, social, and political lives. Our attitudes toward law and the laws that we create-define us as citizens of our society, politically, economically, and morally”(Boyd 2015). Understanding different perspectives of legal philosophy, such as natural law, positivism, legal pragmatism, and feminism will help us with answers certain questions. Moreover, the questions are whether or not, natural law is dead, as per Roger Cotterrell? Alternatively, whether or not Harfield provides the compelling reason if he rejects Cotterell’s argument on natural law? Furthermore, comparing and contrasting this perspective of law with a current contribution in the center will also help us to understand more about these perspectives.
To start with, let us discuss the values of views of legal philosophy, such as natural law, positivism, legal pragmatism, and feminism.
Foremost of all, Natural law perspective of law takes a firm stand on a clear link between legal philosophy and ethics. It further expresses that a law that is Unjust is no law at all. About positivism, David Lloyd explains that we have a feeling of unhappiness with justice based on positivism alone. More than that, he further says that there are goal ideas of how to act right that can be moved over a positive content(Boyd 2015, p10). Additionally,…

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