Essay about Canadian Government During The World War I

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Canada was automatically entered into a war that would last for four years when Britain declared war on Germany on August 4, 1914 because of Canada 's legal status as a British dominion which left foreign policy decisions to the UK parliament. However, the Canadian government had the freedom to determine the country 's amount of involvement in the war. World War One was a chance for Canadians to show their patriotism to Great Britain. Canada 's sacrifices and contributions to the war changed its history and enabled it to become more independent. World War One helped Canada 's progress towards nationhood. The major highlights of Canada 's progress in becoming a more equality nation was when Canada contributed all its war efforts by using women to help provide services for the war, creating a munitions industry that would help to supply artillery for men and boost Canada 's economy, and allowing conscription in the war to be able to have more men in uniform prepared to fight a victorious war. "Canada entered World War I as a colony and came out a nation (Corp. Robert Harvey Hoover, C.E.F.)". This quote proves that World War One helped Canada become a nation.

Canadian Women in World War One

During World War One, Canadian women began to contribute their services to the war as a way of showing involvement. "Over three thousand women received military training to support the war efforts on the front lines with the Voluntary Aid Detachment, Red Cross, St.…

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