Essay about Canadian Agriculture And The Canadian Agricultural Industry

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Agriculture is one of the thriving and leading industries in Canada, and is the second largest industry in Ontario (Canadian Business Review, 2013). Canadian agriculture is one of the largest suppliers of agriculture across the globe, especially in the United States as well as in South America (Canadian Business Review, 2013). The Canadian agricultural industry accounts for 8% of the total GDP, making any factors that have a negative impact on the economic stability of farmers (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, 2013). One of the more recent challenges that the Ontario agricultural sector is facing is the issue of mold affecting the livelihoods of their crops. Ontario farmers are facing an issue of their crops containing phytophthora spp., pseudoperonospora cubensis and peronospora belbahrii (mildew) that are impacting the livelihoods of not only their crops but also their social and economic status.
This mold and infection infecting crops has been a contributing factor to the decline of crop yields over the last 15 years. There has been a significant decrease in the size and hectares of crops where asparagus, basil and cucumber are primarily grown. From 2001 to more recently, asparagus crop yields have decreased from 1,313 hectors to 1,100, as well as cucumbers significantly falling from 2,671 hectares in 2001 to 1,410 within the last five years (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, 2013). This is alarming…

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