Canada 's Rights Of Abortion Essay

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Up until January 18, 1988, Canada’s abortion laws were no such thing as they did have restrictions on women getting them. Women had no choice but to follow through with their expected or unexpected pregnancy that they may have wanted to change. They were forbidden and if a women did it privately, she would be charged and possibly arrested. Today in Canada abortion is legal and women are allowed to go into a hospital/doctors office and get an abortion if they wish, they only catch is, that the doctor or the trained professional proceeding the abortion has the choice whether to do it or not do it, although women should have the right to personal choice, freedom of happiness and prosperity, and right to security when it comes down to having a baby and choosing abortion. Therefore abortion in Canada has no legal restrictions, the decision is based upon the doctor, but women and men should be equally free to choose if and when to have a baby and the province and doctors should not intervene to make these decisions for them and/or her. To begin, women should have the right to personal choice. They know what is right for their body and what is right for them, so if they feel as if having a baby was not the right choice at the time because of personal reasonings, then no doctors and provinces should tell them what 's right and what 's not right for them when it comes down to having a commitment of a child. As for the father of the child they should also not have an opinion on…

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