Canada 's Population, Aging, And The Demographics Of Canadian Population

810 Words Nov 16th, 2015 4 Pages
Canada 's population is aging, and the demographics of Canadian population are shifting so that senior citizens will form an increasingly larger percentage of the population. With this growing senior population comes an increase in health care costs, pension costs and social services provided for seniors. The thesis is that the rapid growing of the senior population will present a strain in our health care system. The intention of this paper is to explain how this ballooning population of the senior demographic will cause great societal change, and strain on Canada 's governmental finances. I will discuss in detail how the costs of social services will increase in specific areas, and why the Canadian economy will likely be ill equipped to provide for the huge explosion in social services needs from the senior population. In these first few paragraphs, I will discuss how the demographics of Canada 's population are changing. This is due to lowered birth and fertility rates (Remie, 2013.) To paraphrase his argument, Remie also discusses how life expectancies are increasing, and fertility rates are lowering. Syrrett (2013) also explains how the main burden on the health care system is no longer infectious diseases, but is now chronic ailments related to ageing. I will also explain the increased costs on our pension systems, as Marier outlined in 2013. Each of these specific points will be explored in its own lengthy paragraph. The arguments of these authors will help me…

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