Essay on Canada 's Human Resource Management

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Job Satisfaction Canada’s human resource management article, “The Benefits of Workplace Gratitude” gives insight to readers and potential human resource managers on how showing signs of gratitude in the workplace can improve job satisfaction as well as other issues within employees. Common signs of gratitude like saying “please” and “thank you” can go a long way in improving the overall workplace behavior (Hilton, 2016). Before we can get into why job satisfaction is improved by gratitude, I will first talk about the other benefits from this form of appreciation. According to the article, productivity will increase from gratitude. Employees are able to work much harder when knowing that people appreciate their services. The article also tells us that an improvement in well-being is another benefit from gratitude. Health wise, employees that are grateful for people’s gratitude are most likely to, “have lower blood pressure, improved immunity, and healthier hearts” (Hilton, 2016). In regards to stress, receiving appreciation causes you to build mental strength in the future. The research was done by the University of Warwick stating that gratitude makes people better-equipped to handle stress (Hilton, 2016). Another benefit from gratitude is creating a ripple effect, once you show your appreciation to one employee then it may inspire them to do the same with other employees (Hilton, 2016). This effect creates a friendly environment which is an advantage for a company.…

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