Canada 's Health Care System Essay examples

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Canada’s health care system has been a work in progress since its inception in the 1960’s. It is a continuously evolving system that has become more and more complex over time. For many Canadians, this publicly funded universal system is one of the most important policy features of the Canadian state and has become a defining icon of their society. The principles governing Canada’s health care system (laid out by the Canada Health Act) are symbols of the underlying Canadian values of equity and solidarity (Health Canada, 2010). In 2005, 85% of Canadians who responded to a public opinion polling on the subject believed that “eliminating public health care” represented a “fundamental change in the nature of Canada” (Soroka, 2007). Having national health insurance is part of Canada’s identity, and is something that Canadians take great pride in.
Nevertheless, a significant proportion of Canadians feel uncertain about the health of the system itself. Since the late 1990’s, health care has been cited as the “most important problem” when it comes down to issues with Canadian government (Soroka, 2007). Even as Canadian government has made many attempts at restructuring and reforming aspects of the health care system (through the Romanow Commission and the 10-Year Plan to Strengthen Health Care), health care still remains a top concern for Canadians. In 2004, 54% of Canadians felt the health care system was in need of “fairly major repairs,” and another 17% felt the system…

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