Canada 's Global Warming And Climate Change Essays

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This year COP21 is being held in Paris. The objective of this conference is to produce a legally-binding agreement on climate change actions, with the ultimate goal of caping global warming at a maximum of two degrees celsius (Bakx, 2015). Canada’s recent past actions on climate change control under the conservative government have been poorly executed and undermined. However, under liberal leadership, Canada has proven themselves as a strong contender in the global fight to reverse global warming and climate change once again (Bakx, 2015). At the Paris conference, Trudeau announced that Canada will tackle issues surrounding climate change using science-based evidence, and will introduce policies surrounding a low-carbon economy (Bakx, 2015). The liberal government has also indicated that they will be working with various levels of government, including municipal and indigenous leaders in an attempt to resolve these issues, and will provide financial assistance to the developing world for their climate change and mitigation needs (Bakx, 2015). Following COP21, Canada and other nations that meet in agreement will work towards creating policies that will facilitate action towards climate change control. In order to ensure that parties involved in the COP21 agreement are on track, affiliated members should update their progress and commitments on a 5 year basis (Government of Canada, 2015). At this time, parties should also implement new and ambitious goals for the future that…

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