Canada 's Future Energy Policy Essay

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In order to ensure that Canadians continue to produce sufficient energy levels in the future, a revised national energy policy must be established - one that addresses all key issues from the 1970 policy. The current state of Canada’s energy reserves, exports, the domestic energy consumption and the threats to Canada’s future energy resources such as the American oil production industry and environmental extremism must be analyzed and scrutinized at the highest level in order to make for an effective policy. Lastly, this proposal will touch upon policy initiatives such as energy efficiency and the exploration of the Arctic for energy resources which will help ensure Canada’s future energy security.

As it stands, Canada remains one of the most energy-intensive countries, only behind the United States, China, Russia and Saudi Arabia. In 2010, Canada’s crude oil proved reserves were nearly 27.6 billion cubic metres, while natural gas reserves totalled 1,727.5 bcm, maintaining Canada’s position in having the third most significant resource base with a primary energy production totalling 16, 494.5 petajoules. However, because Canada is such a vast northern country, with such high energy production levels come high rates of domestic energy consumption. In 2011, energy consumption surged from 2007 with the total domestic energy consumption totalling 1,425,185 terajoules, an increase of four percent. Fortunately, in 2012, Canada saw an increase in energy exports, primarily to…

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