Canada 's Current Plan For Reducing Greenhouse Gases Essay

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Climate change is a series of phonemes ranging from rising sea levels, shrinking mountain glaciers to global warming.

In the past, the government of Canada developed plans to meet Kyoto targets, and the plan included mandatory emission reduction for factories and raise funds to invest in projections that could effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, the government of Cananda
Canada’s current plan to reduce greenhouse gases is insufficient. The report from Environment Canada shows that Canada is failing to achieve even its 2020 targets(Pittis, 2015). The reason is that the public policy of meeting the target is unorganized. This can be seen that most Canadian provinces do not have plans to put price on carbon. The main reason the government focus on putting price on carbon is economists think it is the only effective way to reduce greenhouse gases. From submission of INDC, Canada’s goal is to achieve an international framework for decreasing greenhouse gasses. It means that Canada focus on addressing climate change that will decrease emission while continuing to create more jobs and increase the growth of the economy. Then, the current government’s aim is also need to meet their obligations and targets set by the previous government (Ayed,2015). Therefore, from the past and present commitment, we can see that Canadian government lacks on overall implementation plan designed to meet the target, and never got the chance to improve the plan.

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