Canada 's Criminal Justice System Essay

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For many years throughout history, much debate and controversy has been sparked with respect to Canada’s correctional system and criminal justice system. Canada’s criminal justice system has thrived/strived to work as a consolidated unified entity aimed at reducing, maintaining, and preventing crime and criminal activity. However, great controversy remains as to whether or not Canada’s criminal justice system is effective. It can be argued, for example, that Canada’s system of criminal justice is aimed at striving to achieve and meet specified goals, entities, or principles. In terms of sentencing a criminal offender, for example, sentencing can either be based on the principles of crime control or due process. Crime control asserts that an offender must serve time in prison for committed crimes and that sentencing must be appropriate and justifiable in accordance to the criminal code and prospective rule of law. Under due process, an individual offender is presumed innocent and must be proven guilty and can exercise all proposed legal avenues and resources that are made available. However, not all criminal cases are overseen and processed in the criminal justice system in the same way, shape, or form as the criminal justice system is composed of different parts, stages, and agents each with varying differences, functions and goals. One important agent that has continually been examined in terms of roles, functions, and effectiveness is the police. This agent can be viewed…

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