Essay on Canada 's Criminal Justice System

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Canada and Iraq both share a democratic government. Unfortunately, Iraq has not been as successful as Canada in developing their criminal justice system. Iraq shares some of the same ideas as Western criminal law such as; right to a fair trial, right to an attorney and a right to be proven innocent until guilty (Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 1982, s 10-11). Although the systems are alike Iraq has procedural issues like, longer wait times for trials and many accusations of coercion for confessions (Council on foreign affairs, 2008). Canada’s criminal justice system is well developed while Iraq’s criminal justice system is still striving to work through their internal issues. One of the main issues with the Iraqi criminal system is that procedures aren 't followed and although they may have the correct laws in place, without proper implementation of the laws their justice system will remain corrupt. The citizens of Iraq have rights to protect them, which requires police to obtain a warrant for arrests and to bring the suspect before a judicial investigator within 24 hours of arrest. The Iraqi criminal code also requires an adequate time to receive a lawyer (Council on foreign affairs, 2008). Regrettably Iraqi law enforcement seldom adheres to these rules. Despite the fact that the Iraqi and Canadian criminal justice system are comparable the manner in which the laws are applied are quite different. There are many major flaws with the Iraqi criminal justice system.…

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