Canada 's Aging Population : Canada Essay

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Canada’s aging population. In September 2014, Statistics Canada published an article about the population projections from 2013 to 2063. In the article, the author indicated the number of aging population would continue increasing in the coming years. By 2030, a quarter of the Canadian population would become seniors, and will rise to 26.3% in 2050, which is 0.9% higher than the average of all OECD countries and 6.1% higher than the USA. The increasing of aging population would reshape the communities and have some huge social, economic and political impacts to Canadian people and government. There are several reasons lies behind the inflation of aging population and this issue brings challenges to the Canadian society. The following paper is talking about the problems of increasing the aging population in Canadian milieu and the reasons cause the population aging.

Since1946, the end of the World War Two, Canadian birth rate increased substantially until 1965. First, a large number of people get married and gave birth to more children during that period, it’s called the baby boom in the 50s. Second, people decided to married at younger age, and they had children right after they were married. Therefore, the number of babies in Canada ascended by 226000 during this period. Those babies moved to the labor force 20 years after, and created high rate of unemployment and income inequity to next generation. By 2010, there are about 5 million of Canadian citizens are above 65…

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