Canada and Egypt in 2015 Factors Affecting Business Relations: Retrospection and Forecasting

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Executive Summary
This report reviews the status of the relationship between Canada and Egypt with particular emphasis on the factors that influence trade between them. The approach used is one of situational analysis by looking at how the relationship has been over the past ten years, the current situation, and what is expected in the next one decade.
Main problem were also analyzed in this report which includes cultural issues affecting trade, mutual interests, education and the fact that mutual respect plays a pivotal role in allowing the relationship to flourish. These changes are revised over time to enable the international relations not to be affected by adverse global developments.
Ensuring a stable state of political affairs in
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Presently, these sentiments still remain relevant for the two countries, but there have been some additional areas of mutual interest into which they have ventured.
This bilateral relationship is built on mutual respect, beneficial partnership, stability and peace and founded on a common interest of peace and security in the Middle East Areas of common interest in these two countries includes: International trade negotiations, disarmament issues, La Francophonie, cultural exchanges and education. (Government of Canada , 2015)
As both an Arab and Africa nation, Egypt can be said to be uniquely situated to facilitate its relationship with the North America nation in the Middle East and North Africa regions, a strategic dialogue was established August 2009 in Cairo by Canada former Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon and both countries have benefitted significantly from this relationship.
Canada’s engagement with Egypt is prioritized on various ranges of global issues which includes, democratic governance development, pluralism and human right as well as citizenship promotion rights (women and girls empowerment) and freedom of expression and association.
Identified by the commercial section of the Canadian Embassy in Cairo, key trade priority sector includes; Agriculture, food and beverage, Clean-technology, Education, Information Communication Technology and life sciences. (Government of Canada , 2015)
Changes in political regimes, the threat of

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