Primary And Secondary Education: Canada Vs. Hong Kong

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Primary and Secondary Education: Canada vs Hong Kong
It is believed amongst most people that education gives people the skills to navigate the world. It allows them to learn how to express verbally, write, and read efficiently. Most importantly, it forms individuals for the future job market and teaches them how to perform those jobs successfully. Many factors come into play when trying to understand what makes countries education system effective. In the following lines, I will compare and contrast both Canada and Hong Kong by discussing their education system and their school curricula, their classroom culture, their classroom learning environment and the profession of the teachers of the primary and secondary level of them both.
First of all, the length of the primary and secondary are very similar in both Hong Kong and Canada. Accord to the Hong Kong Counsel of Social Service (n.d), primary and secondary schooling are compulsory rules from the government and are free. The education system of Hong Kong is inspired by the education system of the United Kingdom. In the primary education, students will study English, Chinese, mathematics, General studies, music, visual arts and physical education. Canadian primary schools (also known as Elementary schools) teach reading, writing, maths, history, geography, music, science, art and crafts, and physical education (Government of Canada, 2014) and are also free. In Hong Kong, Chinese is generally the primary language in most schools, while English is a second language (Study HK,
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Also, Hong Kong has a slightly higher masculinity score than Canada, which may explain why Hong Kong (57) scored 561 on and Canada (52) scored 518 in mathematics, according to PISA (2012). Having a higher score in this category means the society is more enthusiastic about competition, and

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