Canada Should Privatize Their Health Care System Essay example

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Introduction Private health care is known in Canada as care that is funded by private sources or by the patient themselves (DeCoster and Brownell 301). There are many different perspectives on whether or not Canada should privatize their health care system. In a situation like this, it must be taken into account what is best in the country’s eyes, and not the perspective of an individual or a single community (Uplekar 898). Quality health care is a concern for many people. In order for a health care system to function efficiently it must be funded and set up properly (Angell 918). The Canadian system is not properly funded and this is why it is under attack for being inefficient and too costly (Steinbrook 1661). Health care should not be privatized in Canada because it poses many risks to the treatment of patients. This includes the cost, access to, and regulation of treatment. There are not only disadvantages to privatizing health care; they outweigh the importance of the advantages and how many people are actually helped by these.
Cost of Treatment In Canada, health care is seen, by most, as a constitutional right. This means that everyone has equal access to health care, regardless of their financial situation or other reasons (DeCoster and Brownell 299). By making a shift towards privatization of the health care system, Canada will suffer as a whole. People who favour privatization are usually wealthier and in the upper middle to the high-class range. They can afford…

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