Canada Is The Pinnacle Of Modern Society Essay

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Canada is one of the founding members of the United Nations, self-described as “the True North strong and free” and boasts a worldwide reputation for being kind, polite and respectful of all. Many people might conjecture that Canada is the pinnacle of modern society. While compared to the United States or China, Canada may appear to be angelic; however, Canada is not as compassionate and non-discriminatory as many might assume at first glance. Hidden from plain view, there are violations of human rights that are happening and have happened in Canada. Beyond the mask of innocence and purity that the Canadian government has donned, there exists a slew of examples of discrimination, leading to the infringement of the rights of many people, rights that are detailed in both the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights made by the United Nations. The Canadian government has abused human rights many times; the most current and prominent example of this abuse is the instatement of Bill C-51. Filled with vague wording and excessive distribution of power, Bill C-51 poses a serious threat to the human rights of all those who take residence in Canada.

The recently passed Bill C-51 is a major concern for many Canadians because it allows the police force power to be used beyond what is reasonable. The bill allows people to be preventatively arrested and held in detention by police if the person is suspected of committing terrorist…

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