Canada Is The Most Educated Country On Earth Essay examples

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Canada is the most educated country on Earth, with the highest percentage of its citizens possessing a university degree - 51 percent (“Canada Leads the World in Highly-educated Adults”). This means that the need for a Bachelor’s degree in order to find a stable career is ever increasing for Canadians, as competition amongst fellow citizens rises. However, unless one has sufficient funds allowing them to pay all of the costs up front, graduates will almost certainly leave university with an insurmountable amount of debt towering over them. Currently, graduates of Bachelor’s degree programs in Canada will accrue an average of $28,495 in debt (Burley, Awad). This debt takes graduates an average of 14 years to repay (Burley, Awad). These are facts that must change in order for our country to grow and thrive, together. Although this would be an enormous expense for the government, the positive outcomes that would result from making university free would greatly exceed the cost. This should be seen as less of an expense and more as an investment. I believe Canada should implement a tuition-free university system as it will lessen the financial strains that students and their families are burdened with and because of the economic benefits that our country will receive consequently. Canada should implement free university as it will relieve the burden that students encounter due to the debt required to take on in order to attend university. Although students are within the…

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