Essay Canada Is An Peaceful Country

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Canada is known for being the peaceful country it is and where people can realize what the true taste of freedom is, Canada welcomes people with open arms no wonder its so rich in culture. Canada has participated in many peacekeeping mission to various other nations in the past and it will continue to do so, whether its helping a country get through a natural disaster, civil war, or just a crisis in general. The peacekeeping missions serve the purpose of making more allies, Canada is country that remains neutral is most situation but always judges the situation fairly and then acts accordingly.

Canada has a earned a outstanding reputation in terms of Peacekeeping; Canada has a recognized history in terms of peacekeeping missions, our role in these missions is slowly diminishing over time. “This growth is unprecedented - although largely unknown in Canada, since our soldiers have largely disappeared from UN peacekeeping operations during the past dozen years.” We continuing to gain allies world wide but if we wish to continue that effort we have to have a higher rate of participation in these operations, Canada has immensely helped nations that were in need of help during their time of crisis. There are many things happening around the world nowadays but Canada has aways showed support for what was right “Prime Minister Harper confirmed Canada remains steadfastly in support of Israel 's right to defend itself as long as the terrorist attacks by Hamas continue,”, but that…

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