Canada Healthcare Systems And The United States Healthcare System

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Canada Healthcare system and the United States healthcare system
Health care systems are important. Health care system supports the health of the citizens and the country as a whole. Each country possesses a health care system. Health care system’ Hence, Canada’s and the United States healthcare system both have similarities and differences.
In the past, the United States Government rate of uninsured scored higher than Canada. For example, the article entitled “The healing of America: a global quest for better, cheaper, and fairer health care” published in 2010 noted that more than 45 million United States citizens were uninsured (Reid, 2010). Canada’s uninsured residents, on the other hand, lesser than the United States, for instance, Rose Weitz wrote, most Canadians are obtained insurance more than American citizens (2013). Therefore, what are the pros and cons in Canada’s health care system and the United States Healthcare system? Additionally, how could the United States health care system improve by incorporating techniques used in the health care system of Canada?
Health Care System
The United States Health Care System
United States Health Care System transformed when President Barack Obama came into office. In 2008, President Obama prepared and processed a new health care system known as the Affordable Care Act, stated Rose Weitz (2013, pg. 199). Before President Obama established the Affordable Care Act, most citizens were without insurances. For example, the…

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