Essay on Canada Goose : Marketing Strategy And Brand Value

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Under Dani Reiss’s leadership, Canada Goose had been a well-known brand featured in functional and fashionable luxury sport jacket industry. With the sustainable growth in the company and competition pressure from North Face, Canada Goose was looking to expand and changing its distribution channel from small independent retailers to large nation-wide retail chain. Recently, Reiss had received two separate lucrative offers from national retailers in Canada in the form of long-term contracts. However, there existed pros and cons of each decision in terms of company’s current marketing strategy and brand value.

 Take Asmuns Place’s offer

The first offer was from Asmuns Place, which positioned itself as leading fashion specialty store for both men and women with 10 retail stores across Canada’s largest cities. The typical customers shopping in Asmuns Place were both affluent men and women. Canada goose products would be displayed prominently in all Asmuns stores and it allowed approximately 100 percent markup preservation. On the other hand, Lisa Freedman, director of purchasing, has required that Canada goose products would be used in print advertisements. Besides, there was intensive promotion in Asmuns Place loyalty program which might devaluate Canada goose’s image. Also there was no guarantee for the implementation of selling men’s products, nor the products they would order in terms of men and women’s range.

 Take Levine’s Menswear offer

Levine’s Menswear…

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