Essay on Canada During The Vietnam War

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Canada played a role in the Vietnam conflict as a member of the International Control Commission, they also had a significant contribution of war materials to the United States. The Prime Minister of Canada publicly maintained that he was against the war, but some of his actions suggest that pressure from Washington was affecting his decisions. While some took to the streets in protest, Canada took thousands of draft resistors into the country and thousands of Canadians volunteered to fight with the US military. Upon researching the public opinion during the war it is apparent that; the public opinion of Canadians during the Vietnam conflict was divided across a vast spectrum of opinion and interest and to draw a generalized linear conclusion is simply not possible.
Canada’s initial involvement in the Vietnam conflict was as a member of the International Control Commission (ICC). They were selected because “a western nation was needed to balance a Communist member and a nonaligned country on the troika of the ICC; Canada was one of the few western nations with no history as a colonial power and it could also provide French-speaking diplomats and soldiers” . This is the first area of contention, Canada was desperate to be viewed as having a foreign policy of “quiet diplomacy and helpful fixing”, snow job intro. The accuracy of this ambition is questionable as Canada’s public are torn between peace and the knowledge that they are irreversibly intertwined with the United…

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