Canada As A Politically Independent Nation Essay

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“Canada Thrives as a Politically Independent Nation”
Canada’s initial reaction to the Second World War was to practice isolationism and keep away from affairs that did not threaten Canada itself. However, due to its close ties to Britain, Canada soon joined forces with the Allies after the Canadian Parliament voted in favour of Canada going to war. Although Canada was still emerging from the ashes of the Great Depression, Canada played an extremely significant role during the Second World War. Their contributions to the war effort were demonstrated through the Battle of the Atlantic, the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan and Canada’s role as an arsenal of democracy.
The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest campaign during the Second World War and it was all for control over the shipping lanes between Britain and North America. Ultimately, Germany wanted to cut off all Allied ships to Britain and essentially starve them into submission. In response, Canadian and British navies enacted the convoy system, which meant that merchant ships would be escorted by destroyers for protection in order to stop German U-boats from sinking Allied ships. The Royal Canadian Navy was tasked with protecting merchant ships with their corvettes and they were successful in their mission as they eventually eliminated the threat of German U-boats. Also, the Royal Canadian Air Force aided the Canadian effort during the Battle of the Atlantic by covering the convoys with long-range bombers…

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