Essay on Canada And Ireland : A Description And Comparison

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Canada and Ireland
A description and comparison of both countries Canada and Ireland are very diverse countries located many miles apart with two different cultures; however these two countries are compared throughout this research with their economic systems and demographics of their state including some interesting factual statements of both countries. Diving into the general statistics of both economies including primary sectors of their GDP gives an idea of what country has better economic stability now and in the future. Services and/or industries play into the economic behavior and are shown along with popular businesses and global trading for both countries. To go along with this fact, their economic stability also relies upon who their allies are and who their global trading partners and adversaries are. The economic structures of Canada and Ireland show how they differ in forms of government and leadership. Also, showing the rate of attaining an education and also the gender that is highest in attainment is a great importance and indicate the strength of Canada and Ireland’s economies and are looked at in depth. Canada vs. Ireland shows shocking comparisons in what country is either on a downward spiral or the ideal place to live according to the power and strength of their economy. Canada became an independent state in 1867 neighboring North America on the same continent. According to GraphIQ (2016), Canada covers just over three and a half million square miles…

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