Canad An Urban City That Overlooks The Sea With Mountains Essay

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Vancouver, Canada: An urban city that overlooks the sea with mountains as its backdrop, not to mention renowned for its international reputation as a multicultural mosaic with a diverse community, has consistently ranked in the top three most livable cities in the world.
Canada is the first country in the world to legislate a multicultural policy (Williams) that compelled all Canadians to pride themselves in the integration of cultural diversity through their communities. This policy was the significant decision factor that motivated me to leave my home country, and to further pursue my education in Vancouver. I think I speak for everyone when I say, when living in a foreign country, a sense of belonging and the value of multiculturalism are essential, as it is in our human nature to feel respected and welcome, particularly in an unfamiliar country where these determinants are absent. In spite of the favorable or inferior aspects of multiculturalism, recognizing the value and having an open mind that each person is different, personally is more significant than debating over the subject.
Being an international student, I am extremely grateful for the founding of the policy as it not only dissipates the divisiveness of ignorance (MacPherson), supported by Louis MacPherson but it also transforms people’s attitude and mindset of the minorities, thus enabling us to recognize or change an outlook. Despite the constant clarification of Asian student stereotype, regrettably…

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