Can 't Pay Me Enough? Essay

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Can’t Pay Me Enough The overwhelming part of having a job as a fully-grown working adult, besides having to spend all your money on bills, is having to put up with the worst types of people simply because you desperately need a paying job. More aptly put, because that worst type of person is usually put in a position of power over you. In the short story “A&P” Sammy had to make a decision, though probably based majorly on his lower half rather than his actual brain, to quit his job due to a strong belief that his supervisor treated a customer unfairly. Sammy was lucky being young means most likely he is without a lot of bills. The Author, John Updike, so easily conveys the setting and era in which this story was written. Sammy’s decision to take a stance against his manager was so much more meaningful due to when, and where this story took place.
Most people at a certain place in their lives reach a point where it is a necessity to stand up for something they believe in. “I said I Quit!” (Updike 144) Sammy expressed such strong, defiant words from a young boy in a time where defiance was unusual. His defiance came about when three young girls came into his store wearing bathing suits in the 1960’s, which was unthinkable during that time. The manager belittled and embarrassed these young ladies in front of an entire store, solely because he was a set in his ways, stubborn, narrow minded old man. He felt it was well within his right and had the power to treat others as he…

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