Can You Trust This Article? Essay

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Can you Trust this Article?

21 Colleges/Universities, 15 High Schools, 3 Middle Schools, 10 Elementary Schools, 2 Pre Schools, and 1 School bus. 52 in total, and the list Ccan go on and on to this day. How many more school shootings will it take for gun violence to be put to a stop. People all over the world live in fear because of gun violence. How is that any way to live? No one should live in fear for their life. Everyone should feel secure in their own home and be able to send their children to school feeling comfortable they will be safe throughout the day. What goes through one 's mind when they use gun violence? Why do they feel the need to harm innocent people? Parents try and find why this happens, but still get no true answers. The stories of gun violence are all over the news all the time, and make parents wonder what is reliable and what is not? Online there are all types of articles written by different authors and sources, but can we believe everything they say? Parents try and protect their children from these events, they read so many articles online and in newspapers, but is what they 're reading reliable? Can they actually use these articles to benefit their children?

New articles are posted every day on gun violence, it just keeps getting worse and worse. These articles are written in newspapers, magazines, online and even on the news. Parents watch the news and read these articles. It makes them even more worried about their children because…

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