Can You Make Yourself Smarter? Essays

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The article, “Can You Make Yourself Smarter?” by Dan Hurley, illustrates the prevalence and importance of crystallized intelligence and fluid intelligence. One thing he does not touch on in his article is the other different kinds of intelligence, such as emotional intelligence. Like crystallized and fluid intelligence, emotional intelligence is extremely ubiquitous, but emotional intelligence is the most important aspect of intelligence related to influences on job performance, as well as its importance to businesses, and how people can increase their emotional intelligence (Hurley).
To excel in today 's competitive environment, organizations need people who are composed of more than just academic intelligence. Companies need people with qualities like initiative, cooperation, interpersonal skills, team leadership and optimism, which are beyond the world of intelligence - qualities which set the above average performers apart from the just average performers. We’re talking about emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to perceive emotion, to use emotion to assist in cognitive tasks, to comprehend emotions and their significance, and to consciously regulate emotions in order to improve emotions and thought. Research has shown that emotional intelligence is linked to successful performance in the workplace (Chauhan). Emotional intelligence has become an important factor in job performance in relation to employers and employees, as well as…

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