Can You Differentiate Between Right And Wrong? Essay

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Can you differentiate between right and wrong? Can you distinguish good from evil? Would you recognize a monster if looking at one? While the answers to these questions may seem relatively simple, in reality, circumstances and or situations that may challenge a clear cut distinction. In Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein the reader is faced with such discrepancy, presented in a story about a hideous being whose murderous acts could be interpreted as the epitome of evil and deserving of the title monster. Upon closer analysis, we find the so-called monster in Shelley’s novel lurks not in the creature created by Victor Frankenstein, but rather in the creator, Frankenstein himself. In Shelley’s book, Victor Frankenstein creates a creature from dead human flesh without regard for the consequences of his actions. Disgusted by the hideous sight of his creation, Victor abandons it without consideration for its well-being which ultimately leads to the demise of several innocent people. While the creature may have actually committed the murders, it is Victor who, created the tragedy, bore the moral responsibility, allowed innocent people to die and therefore is the real monster of Shelley’s novel.
Victor Frankenstein was driven by pure ego and the desire to become powerful with no concern for the consequences of his experiment, whereas the creature was innocent and had no choice in his existence. “No one can conceive the variety of feelings which bore me onwards,…

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