Can You Build A Business With Your 3d Printer? Essay

1391 Words Jun 18th, 2016 null Page

If you 're like many people, you can 't help but wonder about the infinite possibilities of owning and using a 3D printer as an entrepreneur. Think about it: A manufacturing facility, right on top of your desk!

The short answer to the question of whether or not you could build a business around your new printer is yes, you certainly can. Be warned, though, as it 's already a highly competitive field, but nonetheless, wide open for creative thinkers and those willing to put in the effort.

How do you choose a niche?

Since you can create virtually anything, how do you decide what niche to get into? If you already have an area of expertise or one you 're particularly passionate about, start there. Investigate the need or demand for the types of products you 'd be creating, making sure there 's a viable market, before you begin.

A niche is a small segment of any industry, with its own advantages and disadvantages from a manufacturing perspective. One of the most important things for you to consider if you 're planning on making products is the speed at which your printer can produce them.

For example, let 's say you get people interested in what you make and gradually, you receive more and more orders. If it takes your machine 8 hours to produce one product, you could be looking at problems. Therefore, you really need to plan ahead in terms of order fulfillment. Once you 've found a bridge between potential…

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