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Question 3, can yoga be an effective treatment to help improve people’s depression, was selected to further explore the complexities involved in effectively communicating research articles to peers and in a professional setting. The following article was examined and briefly summarised for discussion.
Research Article
Manincor et al.. (2015). Establishing key components of yoga interventions for reducing depression and anxiety, and improving well-being: a Delphi method study. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 15(85), Retrieved 20 March, 2016, from

The initial stages of the recording presented
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• Information for future research to develop protocols for intervention and avoidance for both practitioners, health professionals.
• Provide an alternative non medicated treatments suffers.
5. What factors or obstacles do you think could stop this research from having a positive impact on health policy or practice?
• Was not inclusive of traditional yogic founded countries such as India, Thailand, and Europe etc.
• Self-assessment evaluation of participants questions the availability of the research as no guide on specific symptoms of assessment was provided.
• No information or guide of assessment for the yoga instructors was also provided.
• The sample size was very small, restricted and no demographic details of the participants such as age, education level and style of yoga taught is need to develop specific protocols.
6. Do you think this research is able/likely to contribute to evidence-based practice? Why / why not?
• Yes, I believe it provides information and general consensus of key components of yoga interventions.
• This research can provide some guidance for future investigation in large more scientifically based
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On what aspects did your group members have different (conflicting or complementary) thoughts about this research?
Kate’s background provided some insightful aspects as a yoga instructor, which I found invaluable. She identified that the instructor themselves would have a large impact on the participants responses and this was not examined during the study. This lead to a great discussion on why there was no information provided if the yoga instructors receive training on evaluating participants and if any bias’s occurred from the yoga instructors during their sessions to assist the participates answering their self-assessments. She also felt that as an instructor is was wanting to put some of these findings into practice.
3. On what aspects did any group member change, develop, or widen their thinking about this research? Who?

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