Can We Stop Bullying From Happening And How Do We Change The Bullies?

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How Can We Stop Bullying from Happening and How Do We Change the Bullies?

Is it right when students get bullied in school and no teacher or anyone else will step up? Bullying is a long standing cause for a lot of trouble among adolescents, especially in schools. Bullying is a defined as “unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real power imbalance.” It is a shame, it is sad, and it is very disturbing. This is because it is wrong when students are trying to focus on their education and bullies continue to harass students. On YouTube, I watched a video that was caught on tape of a two bullies in a class room punching, kicking, and throwing stuff on a student. What did the student do wrong? Do you bully people because it makes yourself look good or had someone bullied you before? What goes through your mind when you are hurting someone? It is not worth it but I know the bully can change and have a better chance of stopping negative behavior. This can cause someone to feel anxiety, emotional stress, sadness, extreme pain, hopelessness, and despair. It is not right that bullies are picking on students who did not do anything wrong. It is unacceptable because students cannot focus on their school homework
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The principle of a school should have conservations with the bullies’ parents or guardians about child’s behavior. It is always important for adults to spend more time talking with their child. The guardians of children should take children who are bullies to psychoeducational groups so they can get help in changing their behaviors. If a child participates in these types of programs, the child may learn that his/her behavior is wrong and may feel regret. Later on, the bullies might be willing to change and become kinder

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